breeding age for a bull

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Aug 6, 2009
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southern illinois
we have a 8 1/2 month old gelbveih bull calf and he mounted a open heifer, is he old enough to get her pregnant? if they breed to young will this affect them somehow? the heifer was bred by are other bull but apparently he didn't get the job done. the little bull definitely bred her I just didn't think he was old enough
As a breeder of gelbvieh cattle he probaly doesn't have strong enough semen. How big is his scrotum normally around a year the vet a good bse with a good semen count, but he might have enough and then most likely not. I would separate them and you will have no worries.
thanks guys for the info. she isn't his sister and his package is pretty good size for a younster. I will separate them for his own good, i don't have any other calves to put with him but I guess he'll get use to it.

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