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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
We have started palpating heifers I am now trying to figure out who to send to the sale and who to keep. My issue is I really love heifers and hate to let any of them go. The boss reminds me that we are in the cattle business and part of that is selling them. Its really hard!IMG_9725 201.JPG
Gizmo Eriskay 201 a Coleman Resolve 7219 x Gizmo Eriskay E4 palpated safe to SAV Rainfall

IMG_9714 203.JPG
Gizmo Blackbird 203 she is A Coleman Juneau 3345 out of Gizmo Blackbird 2015 palpated safe to SAV Rainfall she is an Indian cow ( you know cows are sacred in India) I sold her dam only because I had this daughter and so far the daughter is pretty dan impressive.
IMG_9719 204.JPG
Gizmo Queen Mother 204 A SAV Rainfall X Gizmo Queen Mother 2016 this heifer did not settle AI so is bred to our clean up bull Gizmo Charlo 223 I though I grabbed a photo of him but cant find it.

IMG_9735 241.JPG
Gizmo Dixie Erica 241 A Giz Abundance G65 X Giz Dix Erica E12 palpated safe to Hoover Counselor N29 The G65 bull was an awesome individiual but unfortunately got hurt his first breeding season so I didn't get many out of him. He was a SAV Abundance out of our donor SAV Blackcap May 0524.
IMG_9727 242.JPG
Gizmo Queen Mother 242 another Giz Abundance G65 X Giz Q Mother G24 palpated safe to Yon Country Road H1389 you can see the thickness the G65 put into them but the Queen Mother line is pretty thick and deep as well. I had good intentions of getting photos of all the heifers yesterday but we are doing something a little crazy and selling our home place we are planning to build at the main farm. I am beginning to think the boss and I have both gone daffy in our old age but I had to leave to go show the house to a prespective buyer so this is all the photos I managed. Wish us luck on not killing each other in this process lol!

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With a group as consistent as that... It's down to docility and feet more than anything else... unless there is something obvious. The next year, after raising a calf, cull for low weaning weights.

Nice examples...
My preference is Dixie Erica 241 and Queen Mother 242 .but a nice group overall.