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Feb 24, 2007
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picked these 2 yesterday afternoon. Was pretty hard picking which one we wanted. Wish we had some extra cash we would have brought a couple more home.


One on the left replaces our daughters heifer that died this fall and the one on the right replaces a cow that our son sold this fall.






Both are bred. Son's is 100 days and daughters is 120 days. Should start March 10th.
HD we are guessing 800-900#. Put the scale away for the winter.
They were born in mid March. They do look smaller on the computor then they really are in person.
you picked 2 top end bred heifers thats for they are goodlooking heifers to boot.
Thanks for the comments.
I did find one after we had loaded our trailer and we were helping the seller to load his trailer. He was moving them to a different pasture.
She had the eye set that Knersie is always talking about. If I had seen her sooner she would have been in our trailer instead. :D

Sorry I forgot my camera that day or I would have taken pictures of the whole bunch.
They look in great shape ILH.. I think you made a dandy of a choice ,they should really add to your herd.

Can't wait to see what the babies look like. Your kids must be ecstatic.. :)
I think I like your daughters better. Both look like they would make a fine addition to your herd though. Do you have a picture of the bull they're bred to?

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