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Aug 22, 2009
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I have a Santa Gertrudis bred heifer born the first part of april in 2008. I am just wondering what she should weigh (a guestimate) she is a good size heifer, but is not huge. I'm still in the process of halterbreaking her and finally got her on the scale the other day, she was 952. I am just wondering about how much she should weigh, she looks a little on the thin side to me and I am just wondering. I am new to raising cattle and am trying to figure this out. Also, does anyone have any good links to any websites where I can get information (and pictures would be wonderful) about the embryonic development in cattle? Thanks for all your help and time!
Suggest you post a picture if you want opinions on your heifer's condition. The weight by itself really isn't enough to offer advice. Depending on frame and build, that weight might be ideal, too light or even too fat.

For the embryo info, you might want to contact a college that has a vet program.


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