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watson brangus

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Feb 27, 2006
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southeast La
I was wondering how to go about getting some answers and to possibly put some pressure on our government to finally open the Brazillian border to live cattle. I am a Registered Brangus breeder and I have some gentleman who have bought semen in the past, but really want some heifers and bulls badly. Everytime I talk to them he says that they are just waiting for our government to say when. Does anyone here have any more information on this. BTW this guy lives in this country as well as Brazil and works in livestock transportation around the world.
I'd say you need to get ahold of the Brazilian Dept of Agriculture...I know of no US law/rule not allowing the export of US cattle to Brazil- but many countries do not allow US cattle to be imported- lately because of the BSE issue..

I saw an article the other day where Russia is contemplating importing a number of breeding stock from Montana- angus and herefords...
Check with the folks at Camp Cooley Ranch. They have a joint venture ranch in Brazil. Might not want you "rockin' the boat" and then again they might help you. Best of luck.
It would probably depend why the Brazilian border was originally closed. My grandparents used to sell some Holsteins to Brazil back in the '80s or so.
Well, from what this guy says our country has not agreed to their proposal yet and that is what we are waiting on. who would you contact to gain more knowledge on this.. NCBA??

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