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A friend of mine offered to sell me a few Braunvieh cows and a bull. Are they good cattle as far as milking, calving ease, and calmness. Should I buy them or wait and find another breed. Thanks in advance!!!!
Travis":2i6muz32 said:

A friend of mine offered to sell me a few Braunvieh cows and a bull. Are they good cattle as far as milking, calving ease, and calmness. Should I buy them or wait and find another breed. Thanks in advance!!!!

what do you expect of them?

the price is reasonable?

are you in the registered bussiness, or are you buying them in a commercial basis?

I like the Braunvieh-Brahman females they're good mommas cows and work pretty well where you need Brahman influence, it is a common crossbreed in the coastal shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico south the US border.
Braunvieh cattle are very gentle and are great mothers. Their carcuss trates are very high and are very disariable cattle. They work well in most climates.

Travis":1tiq7grw said:

A friend of mine offered to sell me a few Braunvieh cows and a bull. Are they good cattle as far as milking, calving ease, and calmness. Should I buy them or wait and find another breed. Thanks in advance!!!!
what is a reasonable price on braunvieh cows and were can i find some commercial braunvieh close or in ky.
I am buying 10 second calf cows and 1 bull for $800 a piece. This is all he has and they are in the the Texas panhandle. You might try the Braunvieh association at Sorry I can't help you much.
Buy them!! For $800 bucks for a bull and that young of cow is a good deal. You can sell the bull again and make money on him at the sale barn. Probably enough money to buy and angus or charlois. The reason I say these two breeds are they are the two best color wise crosses for Braunvieh.

If I cross Braunvieh cows on a Charlais bull will the cows have calving difficulties. Also what color will the calves be.
Whether you have calving difficulties using a charolais bull or not will have alot to do with the bull you use and what kind of cows you have. (how easily they usually calve). But, I would say the likelihood of you having calving difficulties would be higher with a Charolais bull than most other breeds.
youre calves would be a very very light gray or light brown with a charolais bull . and as far as calving dificulty , if you select the right bull with good accurate EPDs youll be all right , i would suggest an english cross on these cattle , black angus will get you the best selling steer calves and i promise youll get a premium on youre heffiers as replacements.
FYI the braunvieh breed has won more carcasss contests in this country in the last ten years than any other breed . and they are outstanding females . several years ago they used a heard of braunviehs for a beef cattle improvement study in south africa , the braunvieh outpreformed all other breeds, and when done the same animals were converted to milk production and became one of the top dairy heards in the country. these cattle are in more countries than any other breed in the world. they are extemly adaptable and are going to be a big part of the future of the US cattle industry.
The breed's repeated success in major, independent tests over the last decade have turned heads in every segment of the industry. Throughout the industry, the best known and the most respected quality stamp is the coveted Max Fulscher Award given to top pens in the Great Western Beef Expo at Sterling, Colorado. These cattle must grade 100% choice and 100% yield grade 1 or 2. To date, Braunvieh-influence calves have won this title three times as often as the nearest competitor; in fact, calves sired by Braunvieh bulls have won well over a third of all the Max Fulscher Awards given in the last decade. Their advantage in carcass merit and performance stands undisputed.

Great Western Beef Expo

National Western Stock Show Fed Beef Contest

beef empire steer test
According to Roy Moore he has won or been reserve at the National Western Fed Beef contest with his Salers 13 times in the last 20 years . That only leaves 17 slots left to win if you win them all. Please site your data. If Braunvieh have the other 17 grand or reserve slots maybe I need to look at them.
do know a dam thing about that contest , if so you would know their are many many catagories , you want my source it s me i was their ..............................
I am sure that Angus have won more carcas contests in the last few years than any breed because there are more of them. Before you make claims have the data to back it up. ... f_expo.htm
look at this artical from nov 98 by cattle today .
36 % of the max Fulscher award winners since 1990 have been braunvieh sired , the next closest breed was angus with 12 %.
Braunvieh calves placed 1st–Heifer, 3rd-Steer, 5th-Steer, and 6th-Steer. In short, of the top 12 carcasses scored, in a field of 228 entries, one third were from one ranch and all Braunvieh influenced.

i could keep going but really dont see the need to prove my point to you any more , if you really cared you would do the research for yourself

i have several breeds of cattle and do NOT think their is a silver bullet but these cattle are worth looking at and i hope this info can help some of the younger folks or folks just getting started . people like ollie are biased and closed minded and it proves pointless to argue with them.
Come on cow puncher. I actually have interest in the braunvieh breed, but I do not think for a minute two articles from the braunvieh publication is proof that they have won more carcas contests than any other breed. I think they may be very useful on some types of cattle. If I'm so old fashioned that I require a little more proof than so be it. I'm sure that if they have won more carcas contests than any other breed there will be some study to back it up. By the way I have been to Denver and am familiar with the NWSS. I've had Grand Champion Bull there.....3 times to be exact. I've won at Reginia, Kansas City , Louisville and others as well.
The reason that I asked in the first place is I wanted to confirm your statement instead of making a breeding decision on someone on a website chat board recomendation. If they are that good I would research it more. If however their purebred people are making claims they can't back up then maybe I'm not interested.Has any one seen any actual kill data that would give them a fair evaluation. Or has any one seen any ultrasound data with contemporaries from other breeds?
these articals are on these websights because they are accomplishments not because they wrote them. im not selling these cattle so i dont give a ---- if you like them or not , if you want kill data on braunveh sired steers contact BR3 meats of childress TX , or go to a braunvieh websight and contact a breeder . you say you dont want biased info, then look at real data from some of these folks cattle. youre not going to get it by asking a hereford or angus breeder , come on, just because someone is premoting their breed doesnt mean they are full of ---- look at the damm DATA .

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