Braunvieh babies!

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Aug 30, 2007
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Thought I would share a few pics of new calves born in the last few days....and a fullblood Braunvieh cow. She calved 2 days after pic was taken.
Love the color of the babies~ we had one that color last year and he some how got the name of "Donkey" ! Great looking Calve and Momma~ ~ :D
My only personal experience with Brauhviehs has been in calving out a few from recip cows. All of those calves were much darker in color than the cuties shown here. Is there normally a wide variation of colors in Braunvieh calves?
There is some color variation, but the calf that is is the frosty steel/gray color will turn into the mousey brown traditional braunvieh with the white around the muzzle. If there is some black in the pedigree, they can be darker, lose the nose ring and be solid dark grey or chocolate. But they do change LOTS from the color they are born to the color they end up being.
Nice cow & the second calf he is adorable! I've never seen Braunvieh...they kinda look like beefy brown swiss.

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