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What is the Best Breed?

  • Brangus

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  • Braford

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:roll: Your enthusiastic, I'll give you that, but out of your last 9 posts 6(I've counted) are about Brangus. Just a little obsessed maybe...
would you please upload pictures of your bulls and heifer. I'm looking for something to cross with my herefords. Thank you
SCfarms":33cgkgng said:
Braham's are not better than Brangus right now I show 2 braham bulls and 1 heifer.

if you like brangus so much, why are you showing brahmans?? :?: :?:
if you are going to conduct a poll you need to include all the breeds. Neither of your 2 breeds would sell well or do well in my area.
Generally speaking, I find the enthusiasm of youth refreshing. But all this smoke blowing about Brangus is sure causing me to re-think that. Chill out SC, and try to restrain yourself a little (no, a lot).

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