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May 23, 2007
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Looking for some unique ideas on what to use for my brand. I drew one up and registered it but they aren't able to make it. It was a maltese cross (firefighter) with a R in the middle. Any ideas would be great I didn't want it to be something plain but that might be what it ends up looking like. Here's my name and some letters that can be used. Name: Chad Reed C,R,K,L any symbols
One I wanted here is a rocking R, just an "R" with an upside down arc under it like a rocking chair. I tried to register it but it was already taken in Wyo, both upper case and lower case. It would make a nice brand. Whatever you do try for a rib brand.
As my old daddy used to say, Lets stop and think about this. If you brand on the rib cage, you have done significant damage to the hide right in the middle of a side. Consider moving the brand site to a leg or hip or front shoulder. That way the brand can be trimmed around on the hide and most of it can be salvaged.
id rather had the brand on the right hipp.but i let my brand reg lapse back in the i reactivated it after 25yrs.for the reg only the reg cattle will be reged.the feeder cattle wont be.

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