Branding Calves

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I can't speak for any one else but my calves all get "worked" at weaning time. I say it that way for a reason and I will explain. My calves are all born within a tight 60 day period. When the youngest ones reach 5 months old, (the oldest will be nearly 7 Mo.) Then they are all rounded up for shots, CV bangs for the heifers, castration for the bulls, and a red hot XP on the hip for all. It always breaks my heart to see all of that done to them and then they don't even get to go home to momma. They are turned out in the weaning pasture and they are on their own. It usually takes only 3 to 6 days before they are content with each other and their new environment. Each action is traumatic, so I prefer to get it all over with at one time. <p>Hope this been of help to you. Best of luck,<br> Mack<p><br>: When do you all brand your calves? How old?<p>
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