Brand of colostrum and milk replacer?

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Apr 28, 2004
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Kaufman, County TX
If one doesn't have access to momma cow's milk, what brand of colostrum and milk replacer do you use? Some of the recent posts suggested keeping both of these on hand, especially if bred heifers were getting close to calving. I need to do this...but I would like some of your opinions on what brand or type to use and why.

I don't know the brands but the cholostrum powder is from Australia or New Zealand but only has a shelf life of a couple of years. Milk replacers there are any number of good ones. Minimum 22% protein and 20% fat. 100% from milk and milk by-products. We prefer medicated, some people don't. If they have a fast mix type and one that doesn't specify that it's a fast mix go with the fast mix. Follow the label directions. Have at least 1 calf feeding bottle and a couple of nipples, one of which should be a lamb size. Sometimes that's all the further you can pry their jaws apart. An esophogeol feeder while not 100% required is a pretty good investment. Get the type that has a valve to shut off the flow of liquids. Makes it easier to tube them if you don't have to kink the hose and wrestle a calf at the same time. If there is a dairy around that you are comfortable with the health of, you might want to get a gallon of frozen instead of the powder. The catch there is "comfortable with the health". We have a dozen or so dairys that I work with and can get chlostorum from any of them. Most times just go and pull it out of the freezer myself. But there is only one herd that I'm comfortable with as far as health and sanitation is concerned.

I like Lifeline for colostrum replacer. It mixes real easy and isn't lumpy. Don't skimp on milk replacer. I tried that the first year and ended up with the runs in all my calves. Get the good stuff, not soy protein.
If you have a dairy nearby you might call them and ask if they have any colostrum you could get. It can be frozen and saved for later use.

We will milk a few of our older cows and freeze 1 qt. bags of colostrum to use in emergencies. Olders cows colostrum is richer in antibodies.
For colostrum I've always used the "White bag".. Colostrx. It's been around forever. However, there's a new product I just picked up called "Lifeline" that is supposed to be good. Hopefully I won't have to use it (haha) but I will check it out.

As far as replacer, always buy a milk product, not soy. Merrick's has a great replacer.

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