Brahman Fly Control?

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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
i know brahman skin is different, and can get irritated from some chemicals, so i am asking this. what is a good fly control to use on them. for years weve been using Bronco equine fly spray, but this is my first brahman. im just looking for something fairly cheap and can be found a lot of places. thanks
Gordon's Dairy and Livestock Dust available at Tractor supply, 1 lb. can $4.49.

Come with a shaker top, sprinkle it on and brush into his coat. Put a lot on his hump and behind the poll.

Just stay away from organophosophates.
I've had good luck using horse fly spray on my Brahmans. Horses have more sensitive skin than cows.. kinda like a Brahman! ;-)

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