Brahman cow with huge swelling under eye

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May 7, 2004
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I have a brahman cow that has a huge swelling under her eye to the point she can't close her eye. No marks where she may have been bit or stung. Thanks very much for any and all help.
Cherokeeruby. She was fine at feeding time yesterday evening except for a little watering from the flies.
Sounds like snake. Can you get her in a squeeze chute and look for puncture marks. As far as I know there is nothing you can do about snakebite. They usually get over it on their own.
CherokeeRuby, I checked here and found no marks of any kind. She is swelled from bottom eyelid to half way down side of her face to the point that it looks like the skin may burst. Thanks for your replys.
How about a wasp or bee sting? I've had a couple of those the past few months. Generally they will go down in a day or two, but it sounds like she was bitten in a very sensitive area. Banamine would probably help. Seems odd that you don't see any puncture marks though.
BullLady, you might be right, hadn't thought of a wasp or bee sting, but the lower eyelid would be delicate enough to cause the amount of swelling he is talking about.
BullLady and CherokeeRuby, Thank you both for your help and concern. I checked her this evening and it seems that it has gone down some so it must not be anything bad. I think she will be alright now. Thanks again two the both of you.
i had that happen to a horse at work. I decided it was from a spider bite when the horse was eating in his stall b/c spiders like to hang out in the hay basket part of the feeder. someone else suggested that he might have gotten shavings or something in his eye and had a reaction to it. i'll will go down on its on i'm sure, if you are concerned and can open the eyelid, look in.

in a not-so-related story, an actress filming in australia or new zealand woke up one morning with her eye completely swollen shut. turns out a BIG moth had crawled under her eyelid while she slept.

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