Braford Temperment

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> I was wondering about the
> temperment of Braford cattle.Also
> how do they work out for the dry
> steep country. Thanks John

John, I produce this cross (Brahman X Hereford). Their temperment is no worse than individuals in any other breed. There may be individuals that they are abit high headed. Yes I have had a few. But their temperment is greatly influenced by how they are handled, both before and after weaning. I have had very few that I just could not handle and those were sent to the market. I should clarify that I am talking about replacement heifers. This breed needs to be handled easily, calmly, quietly, not hit with a stick, etc. but that is no different than any other breed. The hereford is much more docile, but there are problem individuals also. Having said all that, I would purchase direct from a breeder rather than thru a sale ring if I had a choice. Otherwise I would "know" the cattle before I purchased them. This breed is adapted to drier, humid climates like along the gulf coast.

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