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Apr 24, 2004
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I was wondering if anyone else was BQA certified and do you think it was worth the trouble? There is a 5 hour class coming up in December on the other side of the state. It looks like it may be alot of BS? So I was looking for imput before I sign my name and pay my dues. We will have a new SD certified packing plant opening soon 2 hrs. away, and to SD certified you also need to be BQA certified to market your calves as SD certified, or to finish and sell to the plant as SD premium certified. I am not doing the organtic premium BQA, just the plain premium BQA certification.
I'm BQA cert. All I did was take the test after they sent me a spiral booklet on what you should know. And I knew anyway. No classes and all that stuff. Has it paid off. I guess where the calves go are BQA feedlots. Another leg up on more people to sell to.
Dee, in Texas you can take the Level 1 course with a CD. Our Extension, Texas Beef Council and the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers provided CD's free through some producer magazines a year or two ago. I've still got a couple of them around here somewhere.

You still have to go in to do the Level 2, but they have made it very easy for the first one. Maybe you could check and see if SD has something similar? Makes a good winter day project.
A couple of years ago we had a deal at the adult ed center that was put on by the UofMO Extension, one evening, several hours. Came away from that BQA certified. No costs involved. But that was when BQA was just getting off the ground and hadn't gotten as refind (I'm assuming) as it is now.

Did level one and two at Camp Cooley Ranch. Got a free meal and a tour of their ranch. Neat deal. This happens once a year there.

Very interesting about the BQA in Texas. Something I'll want to look in to on what the requirements are there.


I just got the market report from the auction yard where I took the rest of my calves, that didn't go with the main bunch to the midwest, and they were the top of the sale. It wasn't just because of the BQA, but that's an example of helping raise the price.
I went to Milano, had both level courses in one day, test at the end. It was real easy, stuff that I am already doing. The part about getting the 'plan' from the vet and feed manufactures letter is a hassle. It is also a hassle having to go to the CE classes. I haven't seen any way to further my profits being BQA certified, yet.
Sid, did you try to market them that way? Try to find you a BQA or pre-con sale. They have started having ones in AR, and the average is usally about 5 to 10 cents more a pound through one of these sales.

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