Boy with Disabilites Bans from Playground....

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as paul harvey would say now for the rest of the story. The kid was not obeying athority figures at the play ground and putting other kids in danger.
RA Bill, Not if you knew what you were doin' especially with autism people... They are not aware what they have done wrong or what they are doing. They are there but again not there...its confusing. Ever seen the movie "The Rain Man"? GREAT movie! One of my favorites!
And yes RA Bill, disability is not an excuse, we just happen to be disabled, whether physically or mentally..some are noticeable some are not. Dylexia is an disability but you would never guess it by looking at the person.
the local media has had good coverage of the story presentting both sides views and gripes.

ffscj":15qn7e22 said:
What are you saying PATB? The media would only tell one side of a story????? Heaven forbid, tell me it ain't so!!!!


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