Bottle calves?

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Been a few years since we raised any bottle calves. Never really tracked exspenses on them very well did it mostly for my daughter. Can a person make any money off them? What do you think the cost is to get one up to selling weight? Found some Holsteins for $75. Thanks.

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Well...if you can buy a healthy calf with all its parts present for the price of a goat...why not? Can probably sell it at local market for $350 to 550 around weaning age time. Don't know what milch cows are going for since I'm into the beef cattle end. Others may have more accurate info than me. Good luck!

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we raise holstein steers in ky we buy them for around $50.00 to $75.00 buy the milk $40.00 50 pound bag buy the grain and hay sell them around 500 to 600 hundred pounds and get around 65 to 70 cents a pound for them you make money just cant get rich of it lol

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