bottle calves

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We have 5 holstein bottle calves. A friend said if I am trying to get pregnant I should not be around the bottle calves. Does anyone know if this is true and why?

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Your veterinarian would be a good resource for an answer to this question. They know best how the common illnesses of bovines may or may not affect people.

There are some hormone injections given to breeding stock that pregnant women should not handle for fear of abortion. There are also some diseases and/or infections (bacterial, viral & parasites) that can be passed from cattle to humans. Simple good sanitary measures, such as good handwashing habits, etc., should reduce any risk from those to a reasonable level.

I know many, many farm women who continue to care for calves on dairy farms and do ranch chores while pregnant. Simple common sense should prevail unless your doctor or veterinarian give you information I'm not aware of at this time.

Rafter L Murray Greys