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Carlos D.

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Apr 4, 2005
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Southwestern Manitoba, Canada

I just came back from the US yesterday--On the american side they are installing huge detectors to detect radiation So sensitive that any canadian that has had radiation for cancer will set it off for up to 9 months after treatment ---and have to have a letter from their doctor
Now 2 weeks ago I went to see a friend of mine who lives close to the border --and who's family farmed right on the border --So when he grew up --if the american nieghbour was stuck in the field his family drove over pulled him out and vis versa--so he's showing me where he grew up--I said where's the border -he say's right there ---ME where ??--HIM right there on the other side of that wire ---the wire was an old electric fence that some farmer had used years ago--laying on the ground I`m confused the port of entery is putting in 25 million dollar equipement to stop terrorists - and 2 miles down the road he can walk across the field and carry what ever he wants across