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Dec 26, 2003
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my son bought a bottle calf that is 6 days old, she is a fireball very lively. to day he notice blood in her stool it is dark not bright red. she eats very good and seems healthy. i know nothing about bottle babies, i haven't had one in 30 years. any ideas ??
sounds to me like she has coccie wich is blood in the can kill her.the best thing is to talk to your vet about her in the can be treated if gotten to in time.
I would watch for scours . Offer additional fluids between meals, usually they will suck warm electrolyte solution right out of the bottle . Is the manure kind of shiny and mocusy looking ? Additional fluids will be a big help .

Take a stool sample to the vet so that you will have an idea what you're actaully dealing with
we gave her a couple of scour boluses and she is doing great, thanks for the advice. she is so lively you can't get in with her. $20 calves don't turn out that good usually. hamburger :clap: steak :banana:

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