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Oct 28, 2004
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Sunfield, Michigan USA
Have a six month old heifer that bloated yesterday. Had been treating her for the runs from 9/27, was doing better started her back on feed gradually and suddenly bloated yesterday. What the heck??? Vet took a "just for my peace of mind" stool sample, he thinks maybe she just over ate Tuesday night and may not have been drinking enough (had treated their water with bluelyte)....but nothing else out of the ordinary, who the heck knows for sure. Anyway hope she is on the mend. Is this going to occur easily with her again????? Argh! :mad: We are leaving Sunday for the Georgia National...she is supposed to be going....
She could be a chronic bloater. One of my nicest heifer calves had bloating problems similar to the way you describe this one. One day I didn't catch her in time and she died. Keep an eye on her.
I sure hope this was her first and last time! I am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope and pray to the rumen gods.... just don't understand what the heck happened.

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