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Feb 1, 2004
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horn lake,ms(north ms)
i have a large bull calf that i am bottlefeeding because of the mother rejecting him and he seems like he cant see thatr well. when we feed him he gets up and seems real strong and doing ok but he seems to kinda be running into things and has a hard time finding the nipple on the nursing pale. when he chases us around the barn kinda playing ,its like he is following us by sound. coiuld this calf be blind or are newborns (4 days old) just a little hard of seeing when they are born or takes them awhile to get there sight really good. also does anybody have a recipe for homemade electrolyte and should i be giving him any. his poop is a little runny and yellow but not to bad. he is getting milk replacer twice a day and will be getting calf starter grain starting in a day or so.. thanks tommy
With milk replacer it's not that unusaula for the yellow color and the loose stool. When he gets onto the calf starter it will generally solid up. Remember to have fresh water for him at all times also.
Hard to tell about the vision, i.e. blindness. Young calves aren't all that co-ordinated anyway. Mineral deficincies can cause vision problems, might want to check with your vet and see what she/he says. May be a mineral deficincy in your soil/forage.
It's surprising how well a calf/cow can adapt to blindness if they are with other cattle.


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