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Do you think BLACKPOWER is an Asset To This Board?

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D.R. Cattle":2epa68bl said:
I was beginning to wonder if you were going to start defending Highlands and why.

I think Show Jocks should start using them in their crossbreeding programs to add all that hair their worried about.
k bar b ranch":1c3y5tlc said:
sounds like bp needs a pat on the

I do have a sense of humor ya know. This is my open house, everyone come in say hi, vote, have a beer. VENT your frustrations with me or just give me a hug. My GF hugs me and I feel all better then.
D.R. Cattle":i72jjk42 said:
Can't vote. Neither of your candidates possess the answer I'm looking for.

If I could only find those darn WMD's maybe it would boost my approval rating.
Yes, Blackpower, you are an asset to the board. You do know cattle. On the other hand, you can be a real obnoxious turd. On the other hand, at times you can be a hilarious obnoxious turd. On the other hand, you're a liberal which brings it around full circle to sad obnoxious turd. On the other hand, you're probably a conservative redneck and just jerking everybody's chain by acting like a liberal and rolling on the floor laughing about it. Anyway, if you net out all the positives and negatives I would consider you an asset. Keep it up, especially the hilarious obnoxious part.

I usually agree with good ole BP. Not neccesarily on polotics but I can't vote yet so my opinion really doesn't count on that. He always seems to liven things up and sets fire under a lot of people keesters I get a kick out of it most of them time.
I think that you are an asset to the board and I fear that you may be asking this in relation to some comments I made about your post and DR Cattle's response on the Health and Nutrition board. I think that at times we all like to take jabs at one another but I think lately it has gotten out of hand. When someone asks a legitimate question, you continue reading postings and somehow the topic went from a sick calf to a personal bashing of someone, I think that it has gone too far. I'm beginning to see too much of this in my opinion.

I will summarize by saying that I would hate to see you leave this board.
So far I think everyone brings something to board except one guest. I just don't understand why you are so cynical. Its apparent you are a successful cattleman and we could benift from some of your experiences, the beginners just seem to annoy you.
sometimes your post make me mad as hell.,but sometimes they make me laugh my ass off.ether way i injoy reading your post.~~~~~~~Tc
good like a don't need much of it nor do you need it something you make yourself take....Not really..I kind of enjoy his post...
Blackpower is a worthless pile of longhorn dung, and thats being really PG about it. His posts are cinical and pointless he may be somewhat successful but he needs a colonosquapy to remove that plaguing burr that he has. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

P.S. And I'll take that free cold one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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