Black, Red, White, Mixed

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Granted, most producers are targeting the supply/demand markets for beef production, carcass grading, and the like. We all know one can make more money (or hope to) if you raise what people are buying. This past year we have been adding more solid color to our Longhorn herd. We now have a very beefy red yearling heifer, two deep bodied solid black cows, one solid red weanling bull, as well as one mostly black weanling bull. At least two of our cow/heifers have 2nd and 3rd generation color "set" (however, genetics can always sneak up on you). Others we have are mostly red, mostly white, etc. We anxiously await to see what color of calves our females drop each time!

An interesting note: One cattle ranch in our area recently purchased one of our 16 month old bulls (brown with white) to use in their cross-breeding program. (We are in significant cross-breeding as well as Angus country). We have modified our Longhorn program to increase the number of solid red and solid black foundation animals to address the local and other markets (ranchers and breeders); however, we are still maintaining our "color" variant Longhorns for the other specialty markets.

One thing we have learned in the Longhorn business (from other successful breeders) is that you need to have something for everyone...don't put all your eggs in one basket. We are filling nitch markets and highly respect the other breeders and ranchers that have their own specialty programs, beit Angus, Simmental, Hereford, Charolais, Brahman crosses, or whatever.

There is room for everyone. We raise color diversity, from solid black, red, white, to any combination of colors and patterning. Being right on the "Canada to Mexico" US Hwy 83, we observe periodic "lookiloos" turning their heads--have even had one observation of someone pulling onto the shoulder and taking photos of some of ours.

Peace to all! God Bless America!!

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Running Arrow, you know what Eddie Woods said "A trophy steer in the front pasture will draw more attention than a dead man". And you know, I believe it is true.

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