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recently my cattle became very ill. upon looking inside a carcas it had a lot of hemmoraging. i was told it was black leg and that i should have used an 8 way vaccine instead of the 7 way...what is the difference?

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The answer should seem very obvious.

But first of all, if it was black leg, there should have been crackling under the hyde if you were to palpate the body befor opening it up

Black leg is a rapid gas producing disease which gets into the muscle and formes gas while turning the musclew tissue black,

An eight way vaccine has 1 more strain of a vaccine than a 7 way a 5 way has 5 strains etc. there are oodles of different vaccine products out there, you can visit with a local vet to tell you which vaccines cover the most common diseases in your region for your managment scheme

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