Black buzzards struck again.

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It's funny you say that about coyotes attacking pets and threaten kids and all that. When stuff like that happens in the suburb it makes the big news, oh my god a coyote attacked and injured and killed a pet. Have you ever seen a story about a coyote injuring or killing a lamb or calf or what have you? Nope. Talk about bias.
We have turkey vultures around here, but like you've said, they do their thing quietly and I've only seen them feed on dead, not kill anything. Your guys's black buzzards sound scary.
This map is already outdated, so just give it time.


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Wife took some BnB guests around the farm this morning and came back and reported to me that there were 2 new calves, and also a lot of buzzards around. So we went back to try and scare them off. In the process saw a bunch of buzzards in trees and coming out of a thicket on the ground. We found another cow just calved in side that thicket. She is one of my most protective cows and she seemed extra worn out and eating her after birth. Normally she would come after a person after calving but she just stuck her tongue out and did a raspy bawling sound instead of charging at the same time. We drove around the other side of the thicket and evidently she had twinned and they got the calf while she was having the second one.
i have a permit to kill up to 2 black buzzards and hang them as a deterrent. (more if needed with approval) Im in Mississippi and Farm Bureau Insurance is handling the process here (don't ask me why) since it is a national protected bird, i bet your state has a program too. Check with Farm Bureau to see. i know most people don't think you need one and thats fine. i did just in case. i had a problem last year and it has paid off so far this year.
The Mexican vultures have invaded here. Gray spots on their wings.

My neighbor's cow was bellering a few years back. Gates locked so I jumped the fence. Called him and he was 6 hours away. Got over the hill and saw what was happening. Cow was running at the vultures and then others were circling in. 30 or so turkey vultures were there just hanging back in the circle. More confusion for the cow. The calves eyes were gone. It was alive but barely. I got there just a bit late.
For the past 20 years I have had at least two Great Pyrenees or Anatolian guard dogs on the farm. During this time I have watched the black vulture population increase from rarely seeing one to very common. I wonder if the dogs help keep them away since I have not to this point had a problem with them.
I know the dogs hate them with a passion and spot their shadows pass by on the ground before the buzzards even arrive. The occasional coon or groundhog the dogs kill is never touched by buzzards while those killed on the road attract buzzards almost immediately.
The is a big roost of them in one of the older run down parts of town and they light almost at people's door in pursuit of something to eat. They are very repulsive to watch and I do not doubt the danger they can be to cattle.
They need to be taught the fear of man but that is unlikely with all our young boys inside playing computer games. I know when we were kids they would never have gotten so brazen and bold.
When I first moved to Riverton they had a big problem with crows that first winter. I didn't see that many at the farm, but they were all over in town. The police were shooting off cracker shells, they put netting on the trees around the Post Office and down town. I was working at the college and walking through the campus, well it was a bit eerie. Felt as if you were in Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds. That one winter was the only time we had that problem them.
A couple years ago I was riding shotgun while letting my 10yo grandson drive my truck from his house to mine. Out of the blue, he matter-of-factly stated "Redheads are good", then looking for confirmation he followed up with "Aren't they grampy?"

My mind went from 0-60 in 2.2 seconds. Before I had the opportunity to make his momma mad at me (she's blonde), he said "it's the black ones that are bad" as he glanced into the field at the redheads.

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