Bison/Buffalo vs Piedmontese Lean Beef.

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Jun 2, 2016
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When it comes to "healthy" lean beef, which one is the leanest of them all? Bison, water buffalo or double muscled beef cattle? :cboy:
Longhorn easily. Beefalo may be claiming that they're lean breed but they're not very consistent with carcass traits or leanness. Water buffalo.... depends on what breed the water buffaloes but they didn't looks like lean type to me. Corn fed bison meat is surprisingly good and tender than natural bison meat.
Muddy":2ldap9nl said:
Water buffalo.... depends on what breed the water buffaloes.

This is very true, I just did a small research and found that water buffalo are also bred in cold climates and they develop a very good winter coat. :cboy:

:lol: Those are darn ugly.I think Limousin that is supposed to be leaner. But I think they're right. Those longhorn are lean buggers. :2cents:

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