Billy Cook Saddle

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Jul 16, 2006
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Was given one and have someone wanting to buy it. Anyone know how much its worth?
Those things aren't worth a damn , just box it up and send it to me , I'll dispose of it for you.

Might go on EBaY and check em out , they are worth some money , looked at a few on there this am and them seem to be selling for 5-600 and UP !
Gotta make sure it's a real Billy Cook saddle, made in Sulfur, Ok.. Those from Greenville, Tx are just saddles that are supposedly made from Billy Cook patterns. Can't remember the name of the company that makes them.

I think you can buy the real thing for $1200 -$1500 new around here, depending on exactly what it is.
The ones from Greenville is made at the same place that Longhorn and Simco saddles are made. They are ok...but its just another mass produced one. They bought Billy Cooks name to use about 10 years ago or so. So he started making his "Billy Cook Maker", if it aint made in Sulfur, OK it aint a real billy cook.
I have a real billy cook and it is priceless to me expecially on a long ride it fits just right. Exspecially on the back of my old Hancock mare you just can't beat "em. ;-)
Mine looks like it's been through a war, but I wouldn't let it go for anything. It fits me like a comfortable pair of jeans. :nod:

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