Big Brother 5

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Jun 13, 2004
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i know many people do not watch this show or shows like it but i wanted to know if anybody watched it today? it pissed the **** off. i swear i was mad for at least 3 hours. im thinkin bout not watchin it ne more.
Did anybody watch it and did it make you mad? just curious
I don't care for the show....goes too slow...its nothing exciting.. But I do like the show following Big Brother 5. The show is called The Amazing Race! GREAT SHOW! Tonight the poor contestants had to eat caviar in girl was balling her eyes out because it was very gross! Another girl got very sick! the rest were shaken up but were fine.... What a horrid experience that would to eat one kg of caviar!
i honestly would not even think twice about eating cavier. In my opinion, Big Brother is better than The Amazing Race i will watch it though, but that is my opinion. I watched one episode of that stupid show last summer, got hooked, now i am watching this one. i think your right about nothing real exciting happening, the only thing i think is backstabbing as with every other reality show. i dont know what is so different about this one. after the next episode on thurs. i may stop watching. dont know.

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