better to have Brahman x Angus or Angus x Brahman

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Is it better to have an Angus bull of Brahman cows or a Brahman bull of Angus Cows.
It depends on where you live. You ought to go back into your profile, and add your location. South Florida ? Easier to keep one Angus bull cool than a herd of Angus cows. Minnesota? Easier to keep a brahma bull warm than a herd of Brahma cows. There is a study that has been posted on here many times before, that shows that Brahma bulls on bos taurus cows wean bigger calves, especially bull (steer) calves, than a British bull on Brahma cows do. Just curious, but why not just raise Brangus?
On top of considering bw, your climate, also factor in your experience level. A herd of Brahmans for some one new to cattle may be a handful vs a herd of Angus.

It can be done either way but make sure you have some good, in production Angus cows and go to a reputable Brahman breeder who can help you choose a bull for that specific application.
Caustic and Brute have stated some good points. Your location would weigh heavily in the decision. Do Angus cows fit your environment or would a Brahman cow work better? When you put a Brahman bull on an English (Angus, Hereford, etc.) cow, hybrid vigor begins at conception, so birthweights might be an issue. I have always been taught that the Brahman cow has something in her genetics that helps hold down birthweight. Choose your bulls with the help of a reputable breeder.

The resulting F1 cows will be great calf raisers and can be bred a number of different weighs depending on your local market. Good luck with your endeavor.

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