Best way to sell young bull?

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Jul 1, 2004
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East of Dallas Texas
I have a 9 mo old regestered Angus bull I am thinking of selling and was wondering what the best way to do that was. Should I just take him to the sell barn or are there some recommended advertising channels I should look into?
Has he got papers?
Put him in the local classifieds.
Include price, if its reasonable.
If he doesn't sell take him to the sale barn.

Put in in the "American Classifieds" and the "Dallas" paper (can't remember what it's called). Both papers can be searched online, as well as the Houston Chronicle, Austin American Statesman, etc. That is how I search and often find every sort of breeding stock for my farm. The American classifieds, aka "The Thrifty Nickle" is very popular with many farmer/rancher types I know. If the bull is registered, the sale barn is the last resort unless there is something already known to be wrong with the bull. That is to say, just because an animal of any variety is registered, doesn't automatically make him/her a supreme being. On the flip side, you may have exactly what someone is looking for and the papers prove it is what you say it is.
Try Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Austin Statesman. However, these are expensive papers for even classified ads. Thrifty Nickle is cheap and widely read. Also, Cattle Today ads.

Might consider slightly higher initial price. Then, if don't sell, have him jumped and semen tested at around 12-14 months...if semen good, use this as a "hook" for better asking price.
With the number of bulls Angus and others, available from long established seedstock producers that even they can't sell, why not cut your costs and ship him.?

Well, I would not agree with that last post, sounds like someone who is affraid of some competition.

I would not spend more than 10% of the bull's value in Adds, I would post on the cattle today classifieds and run a 1 month add in your local paper, or a local paper where they have a high density of Cow calf Producers,

Also does the bull have a Birth weight of Less than 90 LB

Does he have a minamum for the breed weaning, if not I would turn him into beef rather than put him into the breeding end of the bus.
Michelle Pankonien":215pk1v3 said:
Well, I would not agree with that last post, sounds like someone who is affraid of some competition.

What competition? Every year I see half a dozen or more people with a bull or two trying to sell them. They end up feeding and still end up with them at the sale barn. These a good, not great, black Angus, Polled Hereford, limo, Simmenthal, Gelbvieh, etc. Even some of the more established breeders end up with a few bulls each year that don't sell. The older and heavier he gets the more he'll end up being docked at the salebarn. So what's the point.


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