best spices(seasonings) for grillin' out this weekend

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Feb 21, 2004
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Hi all. Was wondering what everyone's favorite spice or seasoning was for added flavor on the grill. Being Memorial Weekend and all.
Now I know that some of you raise that "prime" angus beef. Keep in mind I raise and eat my herefords. So, try to keep the breed jokes to a minimum!
Personally, I like to use Lawry's seasoned salt. Would like some ideas to keep this weekend at the grill from being the same old thing.
I make up my own seasoning for all of our food.
I use The spices and herbs from Penzys Spices, Brookfield, Wisconsin,
and mix them up myself according to the flavor that I want for certain dishes.
The quality is the best that I have ever bought anywheres.
They put out a monthly catalog, but mostly there is very few changes to the prices.
Their prices for the extreme best quality spices and herbs are much cheaper than you will find at about any supermarket.
They also make several blended seasonings that they sell.
I understand that they only grind, crush and blend about the amt that they expect to sell on a weeekly basis.
If anyone is interested in their catalog send me a PM and I will send you their address and Phone #.
For steaks I generally use fresh ground black pepper and a little garlic salt. Nothing more, nothing less. Grilled over charcoal or oak, medium rare to rare. My wife likes it medium, but I'm not finished with her yet.

For seasoning while cooking, the meats natural juice is plenty. When eating a little salt.
But I like the taste of older animals for beef anyway and that has plenty of flavor without corrupting it with anything artificial.

Montreal Steak Spice! Absolutely delicious... kind of like topping the strawberries with homemade whipped cream, makes a good thing better.

Take care.
Last time I passed through New Orleans I found this seasoning call "Gorilla Shaker" in a shake can. Hard to beat !
Something I like to do nowadays is season the steak and put it in the fridge for a few days to age before grilling. Seems to have an effect on the consistency.
Daddy Hinkle's Southwest Instant marinade with Texas Firehouse Chipotle Bar-B-Que Sauce.

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