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Jun 20, 2017
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Gardening is an excellent way to boost physical activity. Age is not a matter. It helps to strengthen bones and improves the ability to do daily activities. It improves mental health and outlook. Gardening can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family. Try to get kids involved in gardening.

I am planning to design a beautiful garden with different varieties of flowers in the front yard. My friend suggested that we should be very cautious while selecting the soil for the garden. When I researched about that I found an article about different types of soils that can be used for the garden. Now I'm in search of a good landscape supply company to get the best soil for my garden. Can anyone guide me on the best type of soil for my garden? Which type of soil do you usually go for and why?
Thanks in advance.
I think you may need to start looking at Pintrest, they have a lot of things on gardening and pets, mostly shyt about cows on here.

Cow shyt works good in a garden though.
I dump a lot of brewers grain in my chickens coop and they been on it for a year crapping and it rotting down I will scoop it out and put in the garden and till it in the soil and see what happens.
I use the soil that's there. Mis it with cow, pig, and chicken manure. Works well enough. The best I've seen though was that Sandy stuff at my mamas house though.

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