Best place to buy baler belts?

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Dec 15, 2015
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Anywhere online that's s good source? What's the best belt? What do I need to stay away from?
Can't remember the links off hand, USA Belting and American Belting I think. There is another one that I bought my spare belt from, but I can't remember the name - cheap and free shipping. Shoup's prices are pretty average on belts.
Chevron vrs mini rough top? If I want the option to bake hayledge in the future. What about the alligator splice? I don't mind spending alittle more if it's worth it.
What model and brand of baler?

I've got one baler with alligators and one with clippers, much prefer the alligator style.

Call them and talk to them about your baler, some of the most knowledgeable folks I've talked to on Vermeer balers. Plus I didn't feel like I was bothering them at all with my questions, something all too uncommon these days.
Alligator slices are worth it, but make sure your baler rollers are large enough to use them.
I'm not familiar whatsoever with NH balers. If it were mine, I'd call the folks in the link above and get their opinion.

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