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I had Charolais, but I sold them. Which kind of cows will be a good cross if I get a Hereford Bull. I like black angus, but I want the best growth in there calves. I will sell the calves when they are 6 or 7 months old.

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we had alot of problems calving with a herford bull to our angus cow's. Herfords most of the time seem to be to big for most angus. It's best to have it the other way around (angus bull to herford cow's). It always depends on the genetics though. See what sells best at the local auctions, but I bet the black baldies do best.
Angus simmi or gelbveigh cross cows bred to angus bulls should give you good calves. Buy the best bull you can get since he is 1/2 of your calf crop. Just my 2 cents of opinion

We bought 200 angus heifers 3 yrs ago and have since been crossing them with our Limousin bulls. We have had great luck with them. Never pulled one calf yet from any of them and had excellent weaning weights. Another opinion would be crossing angus with Simm. They are getting very popular and have great weaning weights on them. I'm not sure how they are to calf out though since we haven't used a simm bull. For a hereford bull, angus are great.

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