Best breed to mate a fresian heifer too?

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Nov 21, 2013
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Hi i have a fresian bucket reared heifer about 15 months old. Any opinions on what a can mate her to. I was thinking jersey or angus as i have to hire the bull.

I use charolais bulls on bb cows normally this heifer is just a pet. And a one off. I would use my char bull for future matings.
What would be your plans for the calf? Of the options you mentioned, I would probably go with Angus. It would be a marketable calf if you planned on selling it, or if she had a heifer, it would make a good replacement if you wanted to keep it.
Thanks Aj the sole purpose of the calf is to get a live small calf out of my pet fresian and then i can mate her to a charolais from then on with the rest of my herd.
Hi just an update. Organising AI didnt seem as easy as hoped. I have hired an Angus bull to breed the fresian too.

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