Best Angus Bull for Replacement Heifers

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Air gator

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Jun 14, 2013
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Which active Angus bull...defined as advertised in a semen catalog in 2016 or your top choice for replacement heifers. This rules out EXT, Sav Final Answer, etc.
No such thing as one size fits all as 'the best' - Connealy Consensus - Hoover Dam - Right Answer
could be the best choice for different reasons ... I have to go with Right Answer... bcs it's says so in his name :)
WMR Timeless 458, I like Right Time in there somewhere which Right Answer has, but for me I don't want high CED and negative BW in my replacements.
Reserve gets at least an honorable mention from me. I haven't been around a whole lot of them but I've liked what I've seen and the feed intake data is phenomenal.
After palpation and weaning calves today, my favorite bull for replacement heifers, gonna have to say sydgen wake up call. Hope I have more heifer calves this fall..
BSE, Which Right Time do you like? Leachman or Hyline?

Ranchman, Wildcat,
Are Hoover Dam females feminine?

Cow Pollinator,
What do you like about the Reserves and would you take a chance on a heifer with him?
Yes they are. Do a lot of things right, now I agree with previous post that not one bull fits all. But hoover dams have been very good phenotype wise, very good udders and good feet as well as spring of rib and depth of body. Ours have been docile as well which is always a plus in my book. Used him in both our registered herd and purebred herd. Sampling a son of his called SS Niagara in purebred herd, have calves born this fall from him.
I like Hoover Dam as well. Here is a 3rd calf cow and a second calf cow by him. They both have great dispositions.

Air Gator, I like Leachman Right Time the best, the Hyline 338 probably his best son at least for me. If the Hyline is there the Leachman is just a generation back. I like them both for making cows, maybe not the showiest or prettiest but around here make great momma cows.
I have some right answer daughters that are very nice. They are a little smaller than I like, but raise a tank of a calf every year, breed back well, and hold condition well. Have to be careful not to get them too fat. They have been milking a calf since mid January and still look great. Very little feed, and grass has been absoulty horrible this spring. I have some chisum daughters that will go into production next year. Sure excited about them. Bred a bunch of cows too Reknown a couple weeks ago in hopes to get some awesome heifers
Air gator":1biaw01b said:
Does Sub-Zero have any daughters in production?

I was probably answering the wrong question.

I'm sure he does have daughters in production - but not at my place. Just like what I see of the heifers (and bulls) of the calves I've had out of him. So - I was answering the wrong question. Sorry.
No worries. Glad to hear some news on Sub-Zero. Any other bulls you like?