Best AI Limousin Bull To Use?

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Feb 2, 2018
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Central Missouri
I am planning on AI'ing some of my fathers commercial Limousin cows for him. I was going to see what Limousin bull you guys recommend that will have good Milk and Maternal traits for holding back replacement heifers. I will not be breeding any heifer just cows. But I don't want anything that's real hard calving. It can be Red or Black I prefer polled but isn't a must. And if it carries the F94L Gene would be a plus.
Limi gene has some very good bulls right now, my pick of red bulls for making replacements: B Bar Slate and very young bull with alot of promise Tref Express yourself both should provide plenty of milk and muscle. Black bulls: Wulfs Billy the Kid, I know he has 2 copies of the f94L, Tref Done Right and I know somone who's having good luck with Syes Best Buy. If you can only get from the major studs let me know

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