Beoudroux & Thibadeaux

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Jun 16, 2004
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Where the Stars & Stripes ,, And the Eagle fli
Beoudroux & Thibadeaux done been working at the Rocket fuel factory for a couple of monthes, They is making purty good money , but they is getting paid every two weeks , and ya'll know how dem cajun boy's like to drink!!!
Well thib tells boudroux, Hey what we gonna do dis weekend , ?? I ain't got no money!! Boudroux says , man I don't know I ain't got no money eidder!!
Tibadoux says , listen here I gots an idea,When we go to work tomorrow, during the lunch break, we gonna sneak over der and put some of dat rocket fuel in our coffee termos. Den we take it home an have us a good time ya!!
Boudroux says yup I bet we can do dat.

Next day dem crazy cajun boys come home with dat rocket fuel.And I'm a gonna tell you !! de is having a way good time!!!
They is a mixing dat stuff up with RC Cola and getting Knee walking , commode hugging , booger flinging drunk!!!
Well in the morning ol Boudroux wakes up with the worst hangover dat he's had in his entire life!!His phone rings , and he picks it up..
De operator ask him if he gonna accept some long distance charges from a Mr. Thibaduox. Boudroux say oh yea no problem.
He gets on da phone with thibadoux says hey boudroux hows dat head feel??
Boudroux says oh my head feels so bad it feels like it gunna blow off!!!
Thibadoex says hey boudreaux, Have you farted yet??

Boudreaux says no I ain't had no gas ... Yet..
Thibadoux says .. well don't fart I'm calling from South Carolina!!! :lol:

I'm Sorry if I didn't spell dem boy's names right.

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