Belltec style augers

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Oct 27, 2013
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Getting ready to start a fence job in SW Virginia and thinking there will be a good bit of rock in the ground. Not solid but a lot of fist sized quartz and granite from what I can see around where they built the house. Soil is clay. I have never used one of these type of augers but they look like the right tool for the job. Anybody have experience with them?

Running a A19 Cat auger on a 262b loader so have a pretty strong machine to put it on. Thanks for any help.
Beltec is as good as it gets, imo. They make em over in the next county. Wether you need a rock augur or dirt auger is hard to say until you dig a hole. Sometimes a dirt auger will do better in scattered chunk rock. Rock auger will dig in dirt or rock. Just a little slower in dirt.
I have the FEL mount. Down force is the key to digging speed but I couldn't get by without mine. They are pricey though.