Beginning a Stocker and/or Backgrounder Operation

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I have a limited amount of property, however it is attached to a larger family farm. I do not want to see more empty warehouses or Industrial facilities, even though I have been in the construction industry more than 20 years.

I am interested in beginning a small operation and so far through my research have found interest in Stocker Cattle and Backgrounding. I am looking for feedback and information as to start-up of such operations.

I am not just looking for a hobby I am serious about building something with substance but like everything it won't happen overnight. Input from the voice of experience is appreciated.
I'm not sure about exactly what type of help you are asking for. It would seem to me that your best bet would be to team up with someone in your area that is already doing what you are wanting to do, and learn from him. A good mentor who is willing to work with you is the best way to learn. A couple of general items for thought 1. get your facilities (pastures, fences, barns, working pens, loading chutes, etc.) ready before you bring the cattle in, 2. If you are planning on leasing the adjoining property, execute a legal lease document, 3. Raise the type of cattle that are already doing well in your area, 4. Control your expenses. Don't do anything to impress the neighbors, do things because they will help you make money. This board is a good resource for getting information on specific questions, it is not so good at getting help on broad, general questions. Lots of luck. I fully agree with your feelings about keeping agricultural land out of the hands of developers. Around my neck of the woods we are losing farm land way to fast.

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