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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
The wife is cleaning up the old over grown produce in the garden. The 14 dink calves in the corral get to dine on a bucket or a wheel barrow full nearly every afternoon. She had to take an axe to these beets to chop them into bite size pieces for the calves. But the calves cleaned them up.

2 on the front looked like turnips but the stems and leaves are definitely beets ! They tell me deer love them , not surprised cattle do too . 🤠
We are deep in sugar beet country here. Lots of folks feed truck loads of beet pulp instead of hay through the winter. I had a guy up the road grow an 80 of "Mangelwurzel". Called fodder beet in Europe, close relative to the sugar beet. Anyhow guy was growing them for deer bait and that year the state stopped baiting due to disease in the deer herd. Old guy got stuck with them. Sold cheap. I picked some up and fed it. Cattle LOVE beets. They are initially put off by the strong smell, but after one of them started licking it, it was on. I only had one little Highland X cow that wouldn't go near the stuff. That same cow won't eat apples or carrots either though.


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