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i have a beefmaster X heifer calf, and im planning on using her for shows, but ive been told that beefmasters dont do well in the showing because they dont have enough hair or something like that.
Is this true that judges dont like beefmasters?
Thanks for any help
if the show is big enough, you will be showing against other beefmasters, so you shouldn't be at a breed disadvantage.

at some shows, after the individual breeds (or classifications) show, there will be a drive for overall champion. this is what you may have been warned about regarding beefmasters not showing well because they don't have enough hair.

as for whether or not a judge likes beefmasters, that all depends on the judge. of course, they all have their preferences, but a good judge will put those personal preferences aside & pick the best quality heifer.

you also mentioned that it's a beefmaster cross calf. you might want to check on the beefmaster rules for showing to make sure that a cross calf is eligible.
Some breeds show cows short-haired. Beefmasters may be in this because of all of the crosses to produce them. I know the Gerts show short haired, and many other Brahman influenced cattle show like that.

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