Beefalo question?

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MoGal... Ya the galloways do well up here. Dad has experience with red poll, but im not sure how it went. Mostly selling bulls to customers, and I am sure they had good luck. I agree completely about the mineral program. And yes from the reading I have done as well, you might only get 3-4 years, but its still putting on longevity.

The 550lb bull calves were 9-10 months, but with 1/8 bison you are looking at an animal that is going to gain as a beef animal would, if not more, as well as not showing any bison characteristics. The reading I have done seems to indicate that crossing the bison onto beef cows increases their feed efficiency and therefore increasing weining weight. Lets just hope thats true.
BIZIN":1aibuo4h said:
But we have lots of bison customers who run bison in 3-4 strand barbed wire and you can walk through their herd just like my own cows. Im not talking a few hobby animals, we have customers from 300 - 500 bison cows that run in barbed wire and are processed through their cattle facilities, all they have is a bison chute. We run through a few hundred bison a year that we send to the states and we put them all through our cattle squeeze and have no trouble.

BIZIN ... There is another subject that was started by you that is almost the same debate but in it you wrote quote"I want to run bison but dont want the facilities or the hassle of such wild animals running around." this was found under the subject " GENETICS QUESTION " that you started these two quotes by you dont add up kind go against each other !! O WELL I found out all I need to know you are not asking questions for information but just to try and debate I AM DONE WITH THIS SUBJECT AND PROBLY MOST OF YOUR OTHER SUBJECTS
I never started a debate. I hate debates. I had questions, so I asked, and everyone else started to debate. I was simply sticking up for why my ideas were founded. Bison are wild, I never denied that, thats why I'd rather not have them, but there are bison herds I have seen that are fairly quiet. And the facilities we have at the feedlot are fine, but our cow herd is 45 min away and therefore I would have to build new facilities for bison. The ones we have now are made of concrete mesh 8ft posts and work great for cattle, but confining bison into a corral like that would be a disaster.

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