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Which do you prefer?

  • Grain-fed Beef.

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  • Grass-fed Beef.

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  • Fatty (CAB aka Angus) Beef.

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Apr 21, 2004
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I couldn't resist. I've chosen lean beef because I want some of those Omega-3 fatty acids in my diet. I was born with a weak heart so those Omega-3 sounds the thing I need to ensure a longer, healthier life!
Cattle Rack Rancher":2oj7cf5n said:
I like grass finished British beef. The angus I have finish quite nicely on grass. I don't understand why you have a third category.

Because he's an idiot and doesn't know enough to realize than CAB can be grass-fed or grain-fed.
Not an idiot. CAB comes from Angus cattle. Angus cattle is noted for its high backfat contents (do the math). Just think where angus comes from? England. Think of the climate of England? Damp and cold (usually rainy).... In this climate, Angus cattle depends on their bodyfats to survive because of their low hair ratio. Look at Highland cattle; they do not depend on bodyfat because of their excess hair counts therefore Highlands are noted as a lean beef breed (whether grain fed or grass fed). Shorthorns and Herefords have more hair per square inch than Angus... I think Angus, of all English breeds, have the lowest hair per square inch.
Overall, Angus (CAB) beef is fatty beef. That is why Angus got a third category!
Where do you suppose Herefords and Shorthorns come from? BTW Angus are from Scotland.

Raw goat milk will give you those fatty acids you need. My daughter was born with a weak liver and needs raw goat milk (per her doctors judgement) to improve her health. She lives in Houston and I freeze the milk and she periodically comes and picks it up. If it is pasturized, it won't do. Neither will raw cows milk, must be goat's. There are many sites talking about the health benefits fo raw goat milk.

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