beef $ per lb. in canada?

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what is the price of live beff cattle in canada? i had herd that it is really low. and the bankers are starting to call in there loans.
Our neighbours finally sold their steers two weeks ago (we've had drought and feed was scarce - not too mention money). They were very good quality red angus that averaged 710 lbs and they were paid $0.59 (Canadian) per cwt by a feedlot buyer...and that was before his 4% pencil shrink which he calculates after they've been trucked to his place an hour and half away from the ranch. Needless to say, the poor old folk took a beating. :cry:
If you want to check what the market has been doing up here, I suggest Nilsson Bros. Auction market (Clyde, Ab) and Olds Auction market (Olds, AB).
The website addresses are:
for Clyde and
for Olds.
Hope this helps.
I live on Vancouver Island, B.C which is really not a big commercial cattle producing area. But anyway - people are holding cattle back from the local auction, you don't see the really good looking ones going thru. Red Angus x calves 300 - 500 lbs were $.63 - $.79 /Lb , well started holstein bull calves (we do have Dairy farms) were $15.00 ea. Big Holstein calves, ready to be weaned off milk replacer, around $100.00. Some asking prices in the paper haven't changed much, good yearling Angus bulls, $1200.00. 3yr Highland cows, $400.00 yearling Hereford feeders, $500.00. Also go to the Fraser Valley Auction website. By the way processing costs have gone up, from $30.00 to $60.00 to kill and from $. 35 /lb c.w.f to $. 50/lb. Beef still costs about $2.50/lb. by the side.
We sold blk steers on feb 25. 800 - 900lbs and got 0.78 to .80
at heartland livestock in Yorkton Sask. Not good but better then the market avg. Two weeks before we sold they were alot less 0.45 to 0.56 Just have to live with it and hope things go up. Yes banks are calling in some loans and things are getting pretty hard for many.

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