Becky & Jenniffer Regarding Brucellosis Vac.

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OK after speaking with my vet at TAMU I have the info on the different<br>namess of the Ol an New Bangs Vacines Old: Srain 19, New: RB 51, andd the <br>benefits of the new vacine are the reduced possibilities of having a possitve <br>or "HOT" test result come back later in the females career or lifetime, should you<br>test regularly or have to test due to hauling in and out of other states as a result <br>of sales or showing or whatever reson the testing is being done, also he saiddd that <br>the closer the animal is vacinatedd to 4 monthes of age the better as it give a longer<br>period from which the animal can adjust to the vacine and clear it from it's system.<p>Hope this has shead some light on the subject.<br>Michelle, KEMI Limousin, [email protected]
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