Bear Hunting

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Angus Cowman

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Oct 12, 2008
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the Great State of Mental Distress ( Florida)
This guy (we'll call him Baxter) went bear hunting in Alaska and shot him a black bear he was all excited and then he felt a lil tap on his shoulder and it was a big brown bear and he said Baxter you just shot my cousin so you got 2 options we are gonna have Bear sex or I am gonna eat you, So Baxter thought bear sex would be better than being dead so here goes

3weeks later when Bax gets out of the Hospital he goes back and is gonna kill that bear so he finds him and shoots him he is all excited again then he feels that tap on his shoulder and it is a big ol Grizzly and he said Bax you just killed my cousin and I am gonna kill you or we are gonna have bear sex, Ol Bax ponders this for a minute and said well I lived thru it once I can do it again

6 weeks later he returns from the hospital and goes looking for the Griz he finally finds him and shoots him and again he is all elated then the tap comes again, this time it is from a giant Polar Bear and poor ole Baxters' heart sinks then the polar says Bax

you don't come up here for the hunting do ya?

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