Bear Fat/Rawhide dressing?

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Horse Guy

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Feb 3, 2007
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Ive got about 30 pounds of bear fat here in a bucket. Was planning on makeing it into rawhide dressing for my horse gear.
Anyway I was a kid the last time I did this and I half forget how to make it.
What I was planning on doing was putting it in a roast pan at 250F until it separates. Then pour off the good stuff into metal cans to use as rawhide dressing. Is this correct?
Would you not just cook it off like pork fat or bacon drippings? Got a friend who uses bacon greese on his tires like armor all. He likes em black and shiny like his girlfriend. :lol: I like to give him you know what but he just laughs and says he don't couldn't expect anything less from a redneck soda-cracker. :lol:

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