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Can anyone reccomend a few good barn paints? Any brands to avoid? My buildings have to put up with harsh Ontario (Canada) winters etc. any help/comments would be appreciated.


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Hi! For inside or outside of barn? Over the eons I have painted a number of things for myself. Now that Lead-Based paint is generally "outlawed", don't have to worry about critters getting lead poisoning. I would think that any top name brand paint that was classified as being "exterior" acrylic latex (or) latex enamel (or) even oil-based enamel (or) oil-based "solid color" stain would work. Probably any paints that are regionally adapted to your climate area would obviously be sold in your locale. Only "no-no" I would say is to not use a cheap, VERY water-based paint or water-based stain. If your locale has high humidity, you would probably want a paint that also had a mold/mildew inhibitor in its formulation. Am sure your "quality" paint store would have more specific information. Or, you could go to some of the paint manufacturer's websites to view their paint specifications, application recommendations, etc. Good luck!

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